About Sonus Infotech

Our firm encompasses IT squads that are highly specialized professionals in the Digital Transformation agenda, each one of which has distinct talents and knowledge making up core team of the company. With a broad domain of IT services, our company allow other enterprises to digitize effectively and offers technical assistance, coordinated delivery and a sublime customer experience.

The team offers specialized assistance and supervision on many IT applications from conventional computer and networking systems to electronic devices and software services.

We aspire to serve companies and individuals as the most trusted and reputable IT services firm globally. Our intellectual superiority and magnitude help us generate new possibilities to build a more sustainable global economy.


What We Do

We invest in our staff to offer unique solutions that meet the development and expansionary demands of multiple sectors. Emphasized the individuals, programs and projects driving our company's technology and innovation. We assist the basic concept to rise to the level of the organization. Our enterprise is the home of tomorrow's solutions.

  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Mobile Applications
  • AI/ ML
  • Big Data
  • Java Business Analyst
  • Testing

Why Choose Us

We intend to work with honesty, dedication, and creativity to exhibit leadership through times of economic prosperity as well as turmoil. Our IT staff can provide a wide range of IT support services to meet all of your IT needs.


We deliver solutions to other businesses through consulting efficiently. Our services increase clients' and employees' individual skills and business goals and establish trustful and value-based partnerships.

Data Management

We aim to safely and effectively ingest, store, acquire, validate, store, organize, and use data generated and gathered by a firm to assure the data's accessibility, reliability, and timeliness for our clients.

Page Ranking

In the age of Internet Customer Service, keep in mind that your opponent is only a mouse click away.

Location Targeting

Location targeting (also known as retargeting) is the process of recognizing a user's location and then offering them communications based on that location. These messages could be advertisements or other content, such as an email or a retargeted push notification. Text is the most often used method for delivering location-based communications.